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Connect with Care

Helping the next generation stay safe online

AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust and ITSB

The Connect with Care, Internet Safety lessons is a one hour workshop, which looks to educate young people on how to remain safe whilst using the internet.

Internet Safety Workshop

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The indoor, classroom based lesson looks at what young people might use the internet for; gaming, social media, etc. It develops to look at how we use these different applications and websites, and what information we include within our profiles on gaming websites and the various social media.

Using small groups and classroom discussions, the young people look at the difference between personal and non-personal information and talk about why we should not share certain pieces of information about ourselves. The workshop also uses video to look at the dangers of having an open profile about ourselves on the internet.

Lastly, the lesson covers prevention methods, and looks at methods we can use to keep ourselves safe when using the internet.

Player Ambassador: Andrew Surman

As a provider of IT services to schools we feel it’s our responsibility to help educate young people on the dangers of the internet and as a parent myself it’s a subject that’s dear to my heart, which is why I’m delighted that we are going to be working with the the AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust on this great initiative

Lee Dredge

Chief Executive Officer, ITSB

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