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Co-location Data Centre

Need more from your IT with a secure reliable solution with great performance?

Co-location offers peace of mind reliability at fantastic prices.

Co-location offers peace of mind reliability at fantastic prices from ITSB
ITSB Co-location offers many benefits

What Co-location Offers





Peace of mind

Not sure about cloud computing?

Here are a couple of things to consider if your not sure about cloud computing…

What happens if I'm offline?

Believe it or not having your business on the cloud even if you “Go Offline” is a good thing. We’ve covered some scenarios below to help you understand how it works.

Your internet goes down in the office

Many cloud services have offline versions of their service such as Google Drive, GMail, Dropbox, so you can carry on working. With the beauty of mobile devices and the flexibility of the cloud you’ll still be able to use your mobile data to access email or documents. Failing that a mobile broadband dongle works really well as a backup if your signal is good.

For bigger businesses we always recommend either a higher quality internet connection with guaranteed service levels or alternatively a second internet connection which is a fail over in the event of the primary line failing. This means that this issue should almost never arise.

Failing that there is your local coffee shop if practical for your business.

You are travelling by train and mobile signal is poor

Realistically you won’t be able to access your accounts or CRM but with offline files and offline email available a bit of preparation before you leave to get the data off your online applications. Work on your offline solutions for email and files and then once you link back up to the internet your data will synchronise and emails will send/receive.

Is the Cloud really secure?

There are lots of things that should be considered when asking this question and the topic itself can be discussed for many hours. However, at a very top level we actually believe it is as secure as an onsite solution providing you choose the right providers, follow some simple security best practices and actually consider what it is you are trying to achieve with a move to the cloud and why it is important to your business.

Some security related questions to ask yourself before moving to the cloud.

  • What systems are you considering moving to the cloud? ­ will it be your accounts, your email, your CRM
  • What is in the data that that you want to move (is it sensitive)?
  • Do your employees need to access the corporate systems away from the office?
  • What would happen if your onsite services failed, were damaged by fire or even stolen?

Ultimately a misconception is that your business is safer kept onsite but remember, your
network is connected to the internet and that single connection means that your business is visible to attack just like any cloud service. The difference is that they have a much bigger budget to monitor and protect from attack.

The most common security issues with the cloud form around employee related best practices. The more security conscious you can make your staff the better chance you have of staying safe with the service you choose.

ITSB can help with many aspects of keeping your cloud solution secure. We’re here to help, after all it’s what we do best and that means freeing up your time to get back to focussing on your business.

Dedicated Servers

Servers have been until recently typically installed within client offices but with the faster more robust internet speeds now available and mature cloud platforms we’ve seen a decline in the purchasing of physical server hardware for core business applications.

ITSB have dedicated Servers
ITSB can get you into Cloud Computing


However there are still cases where clients prefer capital expenditure and purchasing their own equipment for the project at hand.

We work closely with you to understand the benefits and the potential pitfalls of relying on dedicated hardware however if investing properly a resilient platform can still be delivered for your businesses critical applications.

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