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Private Cloud Services

If you need a powerful flexible solution with the security of knowing exactly where your data is then you might want to think about private cloud…

What is private cloud we hear you say?

Think the same technology that alot of sites and services on the internet are utilising within The Cloud but Private Cloud places the resource and infrastructure either within your own hardware in a datacentre or on a specific providers hardware located on a resilient platform within given datacentres.

All the power of the cloud with you in complete control

Where private cloud excels

  • In-house Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (hosted desktop)
  • Dedicated offsite file server

Even if this doesn’t mean a lot to you there are specific areas we cover in the technical review to make sure the perfect solution for your business is delivered.

Private Cloud Key Benefits:


 Upsize & downsize as your business requires

Cost effective

No need to purchased over specified equipment (just in case you grow) or have to replace under specified equipment (because you grew more than you planned)…


Pay for what you use (consider it a utility)

How much are you loosing due to costly down time

Find out the hidden costs of IT failures and see how much you are loosing out on…

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Not sure about Cloud Computing?

Successful businesses are making use of the cloud. Here are some really important reasons you should consider moving to the cloud for some or all of your services…

10 reasons to move to the cloud

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