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Long-standing WLB supplier IT Support Business (ITSB) presented alongside BT Openreach, at an event held by the Park Royal Business Group (PRBG). Lack of sufficient broadband connectivity, due to weak infrastructure and poor coverage, has become a major issue for businesses on one of Europe’s leading industrial estates.

The Business-West Spring 2015 Article

The Business-West Spring 2015 Article

ITSB’s Technical Director, Olly Denhard, explained to guests the other alternatives available to business owners when SuperFast broadband facilities were not effective or available in their area, such is the case with Park Royal. Examples explained included individual fibre lines, Ethernet solutions and wireless (4G) options and he also explained the most cost effective installation alternatives and solutions for their business.

Speaking to Business West, Olly Denhard commented:

“Currently, fibre broadband isn’t scheduled for Park Royal. There are a number of other technologies available which could be offered into the area; however, as I explained at the recent event, business owners and tenants will need to be willing to invest. We are not talking thousands of pounds per month, which is the case with some of the traditional services costs. If landlords split a line by the number of tenants, then naturally the costs would come down significantly, and in larger offices it would be very easy to run a line in and share, as would be the case between the many smaller and independent customers on the estate.

Needless to say all of this will take foresight, planning, buy in and investment. All in all, the message is about working together, this is the only way to make anything happen, be this by pressure being applied to BT Openreach or by putting pressure on the landlords and managing agents, to make it happen. The other solution is for the business owners to make some investment themselves. BT and other providers wont front all of the costs themselves, the businesses will need to pay an upfront fee followed by a fixed fee per month for the services. If a business wants to find a solution then they need to pay towards the costs of it.

I do feel that with MP’s all telling us that the UK should invest more into innovation, technology and IT, then perhaps the government or the local council could offer loans or substantial grants to businesses.At ITSB we are on hand to offer you advice, to help you and we can facilitate.”


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