Safari crashing on iPhone iPad and Mac

January 27th 2016

There is currently a bug with apple’s internet browser (Safari) that is effecting some Mac, iPad and iPhone users, where the Safari browser crashes every time you try to tap the address bar, or sometimes when opening a new tab, Safari completely closes down forcing you to launch it again, with the problem repeating continuously.Safari crash workaround for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s Safari Suggestions is reportedly the cause of this issue (this is the feature that offers up completed URL addresses as you type in the address bar). Because these autocompletes come direct from Apple’s server you can still experience the problem even if you haven’t updated your browser or device recently.

While we await an official fix for the issue from Apple there is a temporary workaround to stop Safari from crashing.

For iPad or iPhone users. You’ll need to go to Settings > Safari and turn off Safari Suggestions.

To get round the problem on your Mac you can use Private Browsing mode by clicking File > New Private Window.

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