Yahoo hack and how it impacts you

Yet again there is another data breach in the news (find out more on the BBC website). Despite the Yahoo breach being a couple of years ago it does bring home the importance of managing your passwords for multiple systems.
Here’s some really useful tips on managing your passwords to keep your personal logins and your work logins secure.
  • Use a different password for each login/website that you have (easier said than done I hear you say…. Check out a free tool called Lastpass ( that helps you manage your passwords
  • Use secure passwords – the more secure they are the harder it is to crack. Here’s an example for you: M0unta1n-0rang3s!
  • Use where possible Multi Factor authentication (geek translation – it’s the same process you use for online banking with a card reader but there are tools available to use on your phone. where possible
The simple step to take as soon as possible in light of this news is to make sure you’re using different passwords for your logins and if you do have a Yahoo account go and reset it now.
If you’re worried about security within your workplace have a look over this website which is a new government initiative to guide businesses in protecting themselves.
As always, if this all feels a bit too tech heavy give our team a call and we’ll help. 🙂
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