ebit launch new contract management system

ebit business solutions launch new contract management system putting SME’s firmly in control of their suppliers.

Ebit business solutions are a procurement consultancy formed in 2012. Having seen the same issues of contract management raised repeatedly by our clients we scoured the UK for a solution.

After months of investigation we found that all the solutions we investigated were either too cumbersome, too expensive, too complex or not available unless a full 360 package was implemented. This lead to the design and development of what would later be known as Aderes.

The briefing was simple to put together:

  • Simple design so there will be a high adoption rate by end users
  • Unbreakable – nothing that can go irreversibly wrong
  • Options for a managed and unmanaged service
  • Full report suite
  • Alerts to ensure customers never miss end date
  • Customisable to not just be an off the shelf product
  • Designed to one flat cost per business for unlimited users and full functionality for all.
  • Allow Ebit to Benchmark contracts and give serious ROI to clients

Once created the system was beta tested by 25 household name retailers who gave wonderful feedback and suggestions for improvements that not only supported Aderes development road map but led to some of them implementing Aderes.

Working with a property database developer we added in our now fully functional property, leases and concessions management suite. Being able to have all the information for leases at your fingertips has proven to be an invaluable tool, especially for companies who were paying third parties to store property contracts alone.

With major retailers such as Superdry and Style brands having success stories we have been propelled into the market place as a true first for a managed contracts database. With constant development and a stream of new customers on being on boarded we are now in a position to offer the same polished service on mass to all businesses at commercially viable rates for each business.

Aderes is able to let our client base know when contracts are up for renewal, expired or even if they are unsigned. No longer are companies missing end dates, auto renewing into uncompetitive rates or paying premium out of contract rates.  This alongside contract benchmarking allows businesses to have complete visibility of not only when contracts are up for renewal but if the contract is competitively priced. Being able to see contracts in one central location and even login using your smart phone has meant procurement staff now have the tools available to proactively manage contracts, armed with all the information needed rather than be on the back foot.

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