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Our experience and expertise allows us to deliver robust and future proof solutions for your IT needs. Whether its migrating to the cloud, upgrading a network or moving your entire infrastructure our track record means you’ll get the solution that’s perfect for your needs.


ITSB was formed in 2010 by Lee Dredge (MD and founder) with one goal in mind – to provide technical support with fantastic customer service. Our approach was reactive: when something broke we fixed it. But we wanted to offer customers something better. We wanted to stop things breaking in the first place, so we created ITSB Managed IT Services in 2012.

All businesses need technology to operate. In most businesses, IT resources are limited and can be quickly overwhelmed. If you fall behind in keeping up with backups, patches, security, etc., chances are you’ll eventually face an IT outage or other technology problem that will negatively impact your business. 

Managed services allow a business to outsource their IT operations. The managed services provider (MSP) assumes ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the business’s IT systems. 

In most cases, a reputable MSP is far less expensive than hiring, training, and retaining your own IT staff. For companies without dedicated IT staff, there is always a staff member that is the go-to “IT person”. Using an MSP lets that staff member focus on the company’s business instead of handling IT problems, which is better for the bottom line. 

If you would prefer to retain control of your IT in house then we would be happy to work alongside your existing team. We can support you with projects, scaling, covering staff abscence or just generally help with any skills gaps you might have.

We’re an IT company with a straightforward approach to delivering technical support with one single purpose: to serve our clients with incredible support! We focus on you, ensuring you get the value you deserve from your IT partner to help your organisation develop and grow. We are the “Go To” people who can offer solid advice that comes from putting your needs before our own sales targets.  

We believe in making sure technology delivers for your organisation and is highly available. Downtime can cause massive disruption and cost money/prevent a business earning money. It can disrupt lessons or worst case can involve losses of data or security breaches. Our view on this if you prevent it going wrong in the first place you  can prevent and minimise the risk of a whole world of pain in the future. After all… we should service our cars, we should visit the gym, we should visit the dentist all to avoid disruption and illness in future so why not treat our IT the same way?

Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver robust, future-proof solutions to your IT needs. Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, upgrading a network or moving your entire infrastructure, our track record means you’ll get the solution that’s perfect for your needs. 

It’s all about People, Process and Technology. We ensure we’ve got great people (technically gifted with great communication skills). We have solid processes – we’ve got it all planned out and are constantly looking to improve and help our clients with their processes. We only use technology that we know, trust and that is the right fit for our clients. It’s easy to say yes to everything but we are honest, we let you know if we feel aren’t the right fit or able to support the technology.


Our friendly team of experts are always happy to help. Put a face to a name and read more about some of the people behind ITSB.

“Building a successful IT company comes from close customer relationships and great people. I love helping people and organisations succeed in achieving their goals.”
DanOperations Manager
“I have an innate drive in me to improve efficiency through process, and I love to see people’s lives made easier because of it.”
RossTechnical Success Manager
“I enjoy helping people get the best from their IT- it’s no longer something to be scared of”
LouiseSales Administrator
“Working in dynamic and diverse team at itsb is great. I enjoy being able to translate ‘Red Hat speak’ to Customer Speak”
ChantalKey Account Manager
“Providing an efficient and customer focused service is paramount to me, I love a good challenge and embrace them as an opportunity to achieve success. ITSB are giving me the opportunity to do what I love and explore my inner technical geek at the same time.”
MikeNew Business Executive
“I love working with people and making sure they get the right IT services to meet their needs”
TimSales Manager
“I lead the sales team at ITSB and am committed to delivering high levels of service to our clients”
RichardTechnical Support Analyst
“Being able to solve problems and helping people is the best part of being at ITSB.”
MichelleTechnical Support Analyst
“I’m a techy by heart. I love fixing problems and taking on new challenges”
JoeProject Engineer
“I started as an apprentice with ITSB and have worked hard to progress my career. I now work in the projects and love delivering the highest standard of project work possible to our clients”
PaulMarketing Manager
“Technology is enabling businesses to maximise their effectiveness. The human element that ITSB provide their customers is what I love about our approach to technology in business”
SamTechnical Support Analyst
“I love IT and working with people. It’s all about enjoying the challenge and helping people”
JadeAccount Manager
“I am a great believer that people buy from people, and I always strive to deliver excellent customer service, and try to find the best solution that fits the customer’s needs, whilst having some fun along the way.”