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GDPR data residency requirements

If you need data residency requirements in the UK (GDPR) this is your time to act! We were asked today by a potential client about Microsoft Office 365 hosting in the UK. If you didn't know, Microsoft have had UK based cloud services since September 2016. What's more...

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Yahoo hack and how it impacts you

Yet again there is another data breach in the news (find out more on the BBC website). Despite the Yahoo breach being a couple of years ago it does bring home the importance of managing your passwords for multiple systems. Here's some really useful tips on managing...

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Who’s Watching you

Whilst eating breakfast this morning I had the TV on in the background when on came some interesting news about hackers accessing webcams and CCTV cameras to spy on adults and/or children without anyone knowing. With the work we're currently undertaking around cyber...

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Safari crashing on iPhone iPad and Mac

January 27th 2016 There is currently a bug with apple's internet browser (Safari) that is effecting some Mac, iPad and iPhone users, where the Safari browser crashes every time you try to tap the address bar, or sometimes when opening a new tab, Safari completely...

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