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Red Hat continues to lead the Linux server market

As the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, Red Hat, through our flagship Linux operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has long maintained a strong presence in the enterprise operating system market. This leadership continues, as a new report from...

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The why, what, and how of the open hybrid cloud

According to Google Trends from the last five years, the search terms hybrid cloud and public cloud almost appear to be playing musical chairs - trading spots constantly but getting about equal attention. This is consistent with the epiphany that most enterprises have...

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10 Reasons to Move to the Cloud 

It seems like "cloud" is such a hot topic at the moment. Every app, every software is "in the cloud" - does that mean you should be too? The thing is, cloud isn't just a buzzword – it's quickly becoming the future of many technologies. While not every business...

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The Benefits of Onsite IT Support

Although remote IT support is a fantastic option for some businesses, onsite support still plays a vital role in protecting your business infrastructure. Having someone remain on your premises to take care of IT issues remains an essential business need, especially...

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