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ITSB Customer Testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it – read what our Customers have to say about us at ITSB

Our Customers are at the Heart of our Business

As a fast paced organic marketing agency our IT has to perform, ITSB have created an IT environment that allows our staff to work at their peak. The peace of mind that comes with them managing our connectivity, server, backup, security and more over both our sites means we don’t have to think about our IT on a day to day basis.

The support services are excellent and if problems do arise they are dealt with quickly and stay fixed. By understanding the challenges and changes of our industry they are always able to react swiftly when needed. Through continued advice and guidance ITSB help to ensure we get the most out of technology as we move forward and I would always recommend them when it comes to IT.

Tony Samios

Chief Operating Officer, Caliber

When our IT employee left the company for pastures new we decided to look at outsourcing this function. We discussed our requirements with a number of companies choosing ITSB to Support our IT.  Throughout numerous discussions with various ITSB personnel and including a site visit they outshone all the other companies for their professionalism.

As a company we did not know what options were the best solutions to our IT requirements, in particular using “cloud” based solutions or a new server.  ITSB took the time to understand our set up, taking into account the way we work with satellite offices etc, our budget and coming up with the best solution for us as a company. I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for an IT company to talk to ITSB.

Liz Hillier

Director, Hillmoore Fire Protection Limited

From the first day of discussing with ITSB how we could improve our IT, I was excited about getting our new system installed.

The installation went exceptionally smoothly with the ITSB technician working hard to minimise any disruption.

We are delighted with the new system and it has aided our business in a huge way. Their support has been great through the teething/learning process and my guys now call the helpline if they have any issues instead of asking me. Thank you ITSB and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Will Hadfield

Director, The Surfacing Company Ltd

With over 50 members of staff spread across 3 sites ITSB’s IT Support service has been invaluable

in ensuring the day to day running of our IT systems. As a leading integrated agency our technical requirements can at times be challenging, but ITSB have risen to the occasion time and time again showing their high level of expertise to deliver the right solution.

Their staff work as our trusted support partner and feel like part of the Bright Blue Day team.

David Ford

Chief Executive, Bright Blue Day - Top 5 UK digital agency

We are extremely pleased with the work from the team at ITSB, from setting up our software functions, protecting our network, anti-virus technology, monitoring our systems, expert problem solving, enabling remote working and ensuring our data is backed up.

A real value for money and responsive service and we are looking forward to working together as we expand into cloud based systems. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies.

Deborah Vaughan

Managing Director, The Property Management & Letting Company (NF) Ltd

As a business owners, we all have to look inwards from time to time to evaluate costs and performance;  see if there are services we could do without, anything not performing quite as it should, any improvements that could be made.  When it comes to my IT support – ITSB continue to be in the ‘essentials’ column and ‘no changes required’ though they might be lonely in there! My IT is essential to my business and their service means one less thing to worry about.

Niki Lythgoe

Managing Director, Diamond Home Management Limited

ITSB have worked hard to understand our business requirements and in doing so have provided the relevant solutions and services at a price that suits our business.  They are always at the end of the phone or email and provide a rapid response if we have an issue. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering a new IT Support Business.

Suzanne Whiteside

Operations Director, Ebit Business Solutions

We have been dealing with ITSB for the last 4 years for all our IT support and have found they offer an exceptional level of support across our offices in Poole, Southampton and Dorchester.

We were delighted with a recent essential upgrade, ITSB commenced at the end of the day with us back up and running for 9am the next morning minimising the impact to our business and exceeding our expectations.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of the team at ITSB!

Doug Craig

Essential Nursing

SNE has operatives travelling and working all over the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. We needed an email solution that could support our global network. With our email and file system so critical to our business we needed a solution that was not only resilient and reliable but that had excellent performance.

In partnership with C4L ITSB spec’d a service that provides everything to meet our needs. The installation was handled brilliantly and their continuing support has been excellent with a fast and personal service.

Jason Woods

Managing Director, SNE Special Projects

I think the team at ITSB are superb, they are very quick to respond and resolve issues and especially helpful whether assisting remotely or out in the field.

John Bradshaw

Managing Director, Ebit Business Solutions

ITSB are supporting the IT systems at Deanesfield Primary School and have been like a breath of fresh air since arriving. The advice and support we receive from them is exceptional and the team have always been extremely flexible and efficient with our requests. The staff always have smiles on their faces and have become an integral part of our school team.

Kris O’Sullivan

Head Teacher, Deanesfield Primary School

We’ve a small internal network however its a little more complicated than the norm. We operate Mac’s and PC’s on the same network, share resources across multiple networks and need special development servers and access to the outside world setup in very specific ways. The team at ITSB have been fantastic in helping us with all of this, its right first time and most importantly we can develop awesome websites because the technology just works. Easy. Thanks guys! 🙂

Rad Dougall

Director, Behightech

I have been using the services of Lee Dredge and his company, ITSB for a couple of years now and the service we have received has been nothing less than first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending his IT support services to others and have in fact already done so several times over, which is testament to how highly I rate his professionalism and his company.

Paul Marshall

Director, Protech Solutions Ltd

IT Support from build design to final fitting integrated a whole IT system for a busy London Medical Clinic. It has been first rate with a dream team of staff who genuinely take an interest in your project and are there every step of the way in terms of both expert hardware and software advice and on the spot IT Support. For some doctors with limited IT skills they adapt and make everything user friendly. Can’t compliment or recommend them enough. Excellent, very grateful thank you to Lee and his staff.

Veronica Davey


I have been dealing with ITSB for a number of years now and have always found the service that they provide to be excellent. Any problems that we have had with our PC’s have been quickly and efficiently resolved with the minimum of fuss, and we have always been kept up to date on how progress is being made.

Edward Upton

Fairweather Insurance

As a small company, but with a heavy bias on technology use, we spent several years using various IT support businesses before finding IT Support Business.  Every other company we used let us down. They spent a lot of time trying to convince us to buy equipment we didn’t need, or charging exorbitant hourly rates for support that was slow to respond, and slow when it did respond.  Often we felt as if we were undervalued as a customer because of the size of our company. Since we have used IT Support Business we haven’t found a single reason to complain or find fault.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Now, regardless of our company size and needs, we are treated to a first class service. ITSB‘s ethos of great customer service is clearly demonstrated.  When we have a need for new hardware, we have always been given options with clearly stated prices, so we can make the choice.  The hourly charge for support has always been reasonable and any work that we require to be done has always been explained to us.  The staff at IT Support, unlike some competitors communicate to us in a ‘human’ way, rather than ‘tech’ speak, and when they are on site with us, they act in a professional, yet friendly capacity. We are now set up to have our server and PC’s constantly monitored by IT Support Business which gives me a great deal of confidence in our IT use, and removes one very stressful aspect of running my business from my shoulders.  As all business owners who rely on IT can appreciate, when the computers go wrong, it can cost an awful lot of money to rectify and a great deal of disruption, impacting deadlines and possibly affecting repeat business.  This is no longer the case, as the support I need to run a successful business is now in place, and when IT issues have arisen, they have been dealt with extremely promptly. In short, if you are looking for an IT support company that is focussed on your requirements, owned by a gentleman who will bend over backwards to ensure your needs are met, staffed by a very knowledgeable and friendly team, cost effective, pro-active, efficient and quick in its delivery of services to you, then I can recommend ITSB. Personally we wouldn’t recommend anyone else now, and wouldn’t dream of looking for IT support services elsewhere.  It’s a bit of a no brainer really.

Wayne Nennstiel

Goddards Quantity Surveyors

Efficient and intelligent IT support with a smile, that’s how I think about  IT Support Business. They know what to do – and get on with it!

Nigel Vaughan


One reason I love getting my IT support from ITSB is that it provides exactly what I need, which for me means Innovative Total Support at an affordable Budget!

Andrew M Reeve

AMR Consulting Limited

On paper, I noticed that IT Support Business offered peace of mind for hardly any cost per month but in reality, I was surprised to get so much more.

It felt like the team actually cared about our problem and wouldn’t rest until they’d resolved it, even offering to work out of hours! Also, being able to remotely fix our issue meant that disruption was kept to a minimum.

Before using ITSB we would’ve simply replaced troublesome software/equipment so, after only 1 month of using the service, we have already saved money! Thank you guys! Rob Smith

Studio 2 Media Ltd

Dealing with ITSB has been a straightforward affair, their customer focused approach and technical ability mean we are in good hands. The support team and account managers are both friendly and knowledgeable delivering support as needed fast and effectively.  
The pro-active monitoring services they provide keep our systems running at their optimum level minimising disruption or downtime and the regular reports provide all the information we need

Martin Britton

Computer Operations Manager, Lakeland

ITSB, what an amazing team they are, far more than an IT support company to us, they are the right arm of our business.

We are great at what we do, but we need ITSB who ensure we are able to interface with the world no matter what is expected of us. Our clients and candidates want us to be able to use a broad range of mediums to suit their lives or businesses and ITSB facilitate that. What would I personally do without them, well I would have to facilitate any IT questions my team asked of me, taking time away from what I need to deliver.

And most of all they pick up quickly where I get it wrong, having lost my laptop recently, because of ITSB I was up and running within an hour on another laptop and apart from the hardware to access everything, I felt like nothing had changed. My panic was quickly abated and rather than being worried about the laptop I had lost, I was moving onto the fact that I had some handwritten support notes in the bag and worrying about that instead!! Thanks everyone for all of your support to date and long may it continue, I personally promise though to try and be a bit more careful in the future with my new laptop!!

Charlie Ryan

Managing Director, CMR Recruitment

I chose ITSB for my domains, hosting and IT support because of their transparent pricing system, tooling, add-ons and fantastic service.  I needed a company that I could trust to support us over extended hours and ITSB showed my trust was well placed when my site went down between Christmas and New Year, during the worst storms on record. Whilst I panicked, the ever-brilliant team at ITSB had us back to business as usual before the guests arrived for their Christmas break at our three hotels.

Any time I have a query or problem I get a fast response and the problem is solved. I will definitely be keeping my business with ITSB as I expand my requirements in the future  and will continue to recommend them.

Carmel Lewis

Finance Director, Quantum Group of Hotels, Bournemouth

Since awarding ITSB our support contract across all our sites we have been delighted with the level of support and service we have received.

ITSB get the job done.! Their support systems allow for a swift response and at the touch of a button I can see the status of any current issues. Putting complex solutions into everyday language is definitely an attribute the  team at ITSB have.

The regular meetings to plan and implement our IT strategy going forward have been invaluable

Jonathan Chadd

Building & Services Development Manager, Bournemouth YMCA

With the demands of having stores across the country, accessing our vital warehousing systems 24/7 is critical to our business.

Having ITSB’s support gives us the peace of mind that our Oracle and backup systems are well looked after. The support team are knowledgeable and act fast when an alert is raised.

We are grateful for the service ITSB provides and would recommend their services.

Mark Jones

Project Manager, One Stop Stores

ITSB have been professional, efficient and reliable at all times in the management of our systems, enabling us to maintain a smooth running business.  They offer excellent value for money and we would have no problem in recommending them to our customers for their IT managed system support requirements.

Suzanne Marshall

Protech Solutions Ltd

Just knowing that the knowledgeable, friendly and uber helpful team at ITSB ‘have my back’ provides me with much needed peace of mind.

Knowing ITSB are constantly taking care of my systems means I can focus on looking after my clients and growing my business and the Helpdesk are there if I stumble across technical issues. They rise to every challenge and I would not be comfortable running my business without having this support to turn to. ITSB’s service is integral to the success of my business.

Jo Bendle

Virtual Assistant

On behalf of West London Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank ITSB for their continued IT Support over the past few years. The constant level of support and service we receive is fantastic and extremely responsive and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Frank Wingate

Chief Exec, West London Chamber of Commerce

On paper, I noticed that IT Support Business offered peace of mind for hardly any cost per month but in reality, I was surprised to get so much more.

It felt like the team actually cared about our problem and wouldn’t rest until they’d resolved it!  Also, being able to remotely fix our issue meant that disruption was kept to a minimum.

Before using ITSB we would’ve simply replaced troublesome software/equipment so, after only 1 month of using the service, we have already saved money!

Rob Smith

Studio 2 Media

When we came to growing our cross media marketing platform we needed a solution that could offer the connections speeds, resilience and reliability our customers would demand.

ITSB helped us work through the options available to us ensuring that not only would the solution meet our current needs, but would be flexible enough to expand as our requirements grew.

C4L & ITSB worked on our 3rd party app provided by Xerox to ensure the infrastructure installation was carried out perfectly and they continue to work together providing exceptional support for our systems. Steve Tappenden

RPM Digital

We have been working with the team at ITSB for the past 5 years. They have provided us with an extremely high level of technical support not only with their strength in knowledge but in their approach and commitment to helping the staff within the school.

There is never a problem that is too much trouble for their on site technical staff. The support we receive from their senior support and management team is second to none and they regularly deliver over and above our expectation with regular briefings and updates as well as helping the school plan for the future.

ITSB are like no IT support company we’ve ever worked with before and for that reason I am extremely grateful to have them looking after our ICT at the school.

Gill Westbrook

Head Teacher, Bishop Winnington-Ingram C.E School

I had used ITSB while working in England and found them to be great. However I was not convinced that they could give me support in Thailand, where I live now. After all we are some 6000 miles away from their Bournemouth office.

But there were issues with my computer, so I contacted them anyway and their technician soon blew apart my fears. As instructed (through Skype) I simply downloaded and installed some software and my computer was on autopilot, being 6 hours ahead I was told to leave it switched on and go to bed.

I went to my computer the next day, where an email waiting for me, telling me that several nasty viruses had been removed, all updates were installed and a more secure antivirus programme had been put in place. Everything now works perfectly and I have decided to sign up for the remote maintenance service that ITSB offer to keep it that way.

Well done ITSB!

Nick Noakes

Owner, Relax Cafe - Thailand

We have used ITSB to support our IT needs for a number of years. The flexible solution provides us with excellent support at a sensible price to meet our needs. We have always received first class support whether this has been remotely or on site and I would highly recommend ITSB for your business IT support.

Steve Preston

Owner/Director, SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd

Having met Lee two years ago, we have been able to work together on a number of projects for clients, where our respective skill sets have been utilised to provide an all round solution for the clients with respect to IT, data cabling, power and data cabinets. Lee is the upmost professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who had requirement for an IT Support specialist. His knowledge has been key to the success of the projects we have worked on.

Sarah Perrin

Director, Priorly consultant/contractor to Lee at ITSB

For a small property company IT support are the perfect partner. For any IT issue they are always able to provide options and prices that suit the requirement and make everything so hassle free. A real find.

Rupert Coltart


The quality of the service that the IT Support Business team provides is so good I take them for granted. knowing that any small or large problem that occurs will be dealt with instantly is so reassuring. I don’t have the time, the skills, the experience or the interest to try to sort out the technical issues that sometimes occur, to be able to pick up the phone talk to somebody who genuinely cares about finding the solution to the problem is how I believe it should be – and every time this is what happens. It’s clear the ethos of IT Support Business is to put the customers’ needs first no matter how small the issue.

Lee’s knowledge and sound advice around upgrading my ‘kit’ to has been invaluable. To arrive at their head office hand over my old laptop and within a couple of hours be handed back my new ‘model’ with everything downloaded and set up in the best user friendly way imaginable was complete joy… thanks team ITSB!

Debbie Smith

Imagine your potential

ITSB are a really fab IT company. They don’t just do the firefighting in terms of support, they really add value to our business in helping us to plan strategically. They are essential part in the growth plans of our business and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

They are approachable, easy to get in touch with and a pleasure to deal with!

Louise Heasman

Modern Day Marketing

I recently got a new printer and even though it isn’t actually covered within our support, your guys (especially Len Atfield-Cutts) went above and beyond to help me. Without you I would have been really stuck and I am not too bad when it comes to sorting IT problems but it is always good to know you are on the other end of the phone should I need you. Thank you so much!

Lesley Wood

Middlesex Marble

ITSB have successfully provided our IT support requirements for many years. We have always had excellent service both on site and remotely from Lee and the rest of the team. We have just undergone a complete change to all our email accounts as a result of the need for more robust system to enable us to have an integrated and synchronised approach giving us the flexibility wr need. The recommended solution to move to Office 365 has been an excellent solution for our immediate and future needs. Despite some technical challenges ITSB have delivered the best solution at an affordable price. We have recommended ITSB to a number of our business contacts and will continue to do so.

Steve Preston

SMP Solutions

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