With a dedicated team that works to deliver anything from first line desktop support to more complex network and server support, we’ll ensure your service desk is manned by real people taking real responsibility for your customers’ needs.  

  • Preventative maintenance – keeps IT systems in top shape and up to date. 
  • Client portal – makes it easy to contact and manage service calls. 
  • Escalation profile – ensures that calls are prioritised, and customers are pointed to the right departments so their needs can be addressed quickly.  
  • Support Packages – covering remote or onsite support, or both. Your customers are taken care of by professionals who care with services backed by industry-leading SLA’s.  
  • Friendly experts – you’ll still feel like you’re getting service with a smile even through the phone. 


Proactive Maintenance is all about solving problems before they occur. With our team monitoring every element of your IT platform and fixing any issues as they arise, you won’t even notice they’re there.  

  • Proactive and Managed support package – delivers all the benefits of an internal IT team with none of the draw backs.  
  • Unlimited support – your costs are truly fixed with a guaranteed level of service, so you don’t have to worry about being stung by a large bill. 
  • Watch Points – our team are alerted of even the slightest issue, so as they’re working hard backstage to make sure everything runs smoothly– no one would ever know anything went wrong.  
  • Backup Management – we’ll backup and restore your data without impacting your day to day activity. Get peace of mind that your systems are safe, secure and compliant. 


Not sure what systems and applications will help your business? Our team of experienced IT managers will go through your exact requirements to give you a detailed proposal of our recommended apps that will save you time and money. We can even deploy and manage them for you too and keep them up to date to ensure they are safe and secure to use. 

  • Microsoft Office – As Microsoft partners we’re experienced in setting up and supporting Office 365 plans for our clients  
  • Cloud Applications – If you need a powerful solution that combines flexibility, security and the knowledge that all your data is in one place, you might want to consider switching to Private Cloud applications.   


We’ll look after your assets by updating software and hardware; dealing with warranties and spare parts for faulty or broken goods; and lifecycle management for your various devices to ensure your organisation is up to date and using the most suitable technology.   

Data protection doesn’t stop as a device leaves your office – as staff now have access to corporate data on their tablets, mobile phones and all of this is often left to simply hope items are not lost or stolen. Asset Management is important in growing businesses where providing your staff the right tools to do the job means your business is efficient and effective on a technical front. 


Keeping your network secure should be a priority but not something you have to spend time checking. Our managed security services come as standard with our support contracts and including anti-virus licensing, so there’ll be no more annoying annual bills to pay.

Your security protection software talks back directly to our monitoring system, so we always know if it’s up to date, has recently found some nasties and what it did when it detected them.

Your system will be actively monitored 24/7 checking:

  • For any detected threats
  • How threats are dealt with
  • That you always have the latest version of software
  • Security system failures
  • With full reporting allowing you to forget about the security of your systems.

With one of our advanced firewalls from Sophos you’ll be able to upgrade to our Advanced Security suite which offers even greater protection for your organisation.

  • Managed Firewall – the firewall we put in place provides advanced monitoring, advanced protection and are more integrated than ever before. With us managing your systems you don’t have to worry about the detail as we keep yousafe round the clock.
  • Cyber Essentials – we can show you how to address the basics, preventing most common attacks. Get in touch for a straight forward appraisal of your Cyber Security with our free assessment.


Get desktops and laptops supplied and configured so they are ready for you to pick up and use. Delivered to the spec that is right for your needs, so you know you’re using the best machine for you.   All machines come with warranty options, installation work is fully guaranteed, and upgrades are available out of office hours.  

  • ICT Refresh – full or partial ICT suite refreshes for Schools, Colleges and Universities with minimal interruptions at great rates.  
  • Impartial on hardware – We have lots of hardware partners and brands so we can work with your brand of choice or spec the best fit, whether that’s Mac or PC.  
  • Large system upgrades – we can arrange demo kit and help you through the procurement process to get the best investment.  
  • Mobile devices – we can help you protect your data by managing mobile devices. We’re able to manage, locate, update and secure your organisation’s mobile devices strategically to minimise risk to your business and improve efficiency for deploying and replacing devices across your organisation.