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Cloud systems

Powerful cloud systems for business & education

With the vast improvements in internet connectivity cloud systems are more powerful and usable than ever. Improving performance, security, continuity and diversity with the ability to only pay for exactly what you need and when you need it organisations not looking into cloud systems and infrastructure could be seriously hampering themselves.

However getting the wrong solution can be just as damaging to you, it’s vital you get the right expert guidance.


What are cloud services

Is the cloud right for me?

There are a lot of options out there and unless your an expert trying to pick the systems that are right is impossible without some real guidance.


We have experience IT managers that have deployed cloud solutions and systems to all types of business and across the education and hospitality sectors as well as for charities.

Contact one of our team today and we’ll go through your exact requirements giving you a detailed proposal of our recommendation.

Cloud services

Please find further details in the links below of some of our cloud services.

Private Cloud

If you need a powerful, flexible solutions with absolute security of knowing exactly where your data is take a look at private cloud.

Hosted Exchange

Fully featured exchange email servers, without the expense of hardware. Pay for what you need when you need it with flexible email.

Office 365

Enterprise functionality at a fraction of the cost. As Microsoft certified partner we have the experience to setup your Office 365 plan.

Co-location data centre

Need fantastic performance and reliability, why not relocate your existing servers offsite in a fully maintained data centre.

Cloud backup

Keep you precious data secure and safe to a level that’s just not possible without huge capital expense, you pay for the storage needed.

Google Apps

Exceptional remote and collaborative working, with documents and email that can truly change the way you work. Take a look at google.

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Is downtime costing you?

Find out the hidden costs of IT failures and see how much you are loosing out on…

Are ITSB right for me?

Are we the right support company for you?

Why move to the cloud?

We have detailed 10 no nonsense reasons why you should be thinking about moving to the cloud.

“With operatives travelling and working all over the world. We needed an email solution that could support our global network. Email and file systems are critical to our business we needed a solution that was not only resilient and reliable but that had excellent performance.

ITSB delivered a service that provides everything we need. Installed brilliantly, their continued support is excellent with a fast and personal service.”

Jason Woods

Managing Director, SNE - Special projects

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