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Desktop Upgrades

Fast cost effective desktop upgrades

Fast effective desktop computers

Get desktops and laptops supplied and configured so they are ready for you to pick up and get on. Delivered to the spec that is right for your needs.

Remove the hassles by using an experienced provider that know what they are doing.


Small office upgrades

From 1 machine upwards we can spec the right machine for your industry and get systems upgraded and ready to rock, so you can crack on with minimal fuss.

ICT Refresh

Providing full or partial ICT suite refreshes for Schools, Colleges and Universities, high standards of work, with minimal interruptions at great rates.

Impartial on hardware

We have lots of hardware partners and have successfully used many brands over the years, we can work with your brand of choice or spec the best fit.

Large system upgrades

Experienced at upgrading large numbers of desktop systems, we can arrange demo kit and help you through the procurement process to get the best investment.

PC & Mac systems you can rely on

  • All machines come with warranty options
  • Installation work is fully guaranteed
  • Upgrades available out of office hours

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Did you know!


If a staff member wastes just 5 minutes a day due to their slow desktop they loose over 100 man hours in a year!

That new desktop wont take long to pay for itself.

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