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Outsourced Linux System Admin Support 24/7

System Admin

24/7 Linux system Admin Support

Let ITSB help you remove the barriers to Open Source adoption

  • Worried about not having Linux technical skills in-house?


  • What if you could have access to those skills, at a fraction of the cost of employing new people?

ITSB offers Linux system administration for customer-owned and subscribed servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux operating systems.

This service is appropriate for highly available mission-critical services as well as test, development, and standalone departmental servers.

If you are thinking of venturing into Open Source or maybe you already have an environment with a mix of Linux and proprietary operating systems, but only limited skillsets or technical resources, then we can help you.

Why use ITSB to support your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers?

Certified & Experienced Technicians

Dedicated IT Maintenance Helpdesk

More cost effective

Proactive, customer focussed approach

What at are the package benefits for you?

One of our Linux specialists will log onto each Linux server you choose to support in the last week of each month to perform a health check on the system. This will cover a number of areas, including the following:

  • General System Health check.
  • Checking Error logs and acting on any critical errors.
  • Proactive reduction of log files.
  • Check directory and file system usage to ensure that there is enough spare capacity for optimal performance.
  • Notification of any critical patches and updates and scheduling time to apply these updates. (see below)

A monthly report on the system health and file system usage is sent by email to a named service contact.

In addition, we provide the following customer requested services for no additional charge.

These services are subject to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you choose for your contract;

  • User Administration – i.e. adding or deleting users.
  • Printer Administration – configuring system to use a particular printer.
  • File system maintenance – increasing directory sizes if capacity is about to be reached.
  • Hardware integration – applying drivers for any additional hardware that may need to be added.
  • Operating System Admin – applying patches etc.
  • Networking Admin – e.g. changing IP addresses.

SLA’s available include:

Next business day, 6 hour response, 4 hour response and 2 hour response.

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