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Managed Wireless

Freedom to work anywhere within the office is more important than ever before!


Preparing for a meeting at your desk and then walking into the meeting room and delivering your presentation should be seamless and without hiccups

Suffering with poor wireless connections?

With standard wireless set-ups the network can be fragmented in that you drop and reconnect between access points as you move around and sometimes access points can be overloaded and your network performance degrades and sometimes drops completely.

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ITSB can solve your IT issues

How different can it be?

And that’s where ITSB’s managed wireless networks come in. With subtle tweaking and reliable wireless equipment we can have you up and running with a managed wireless solution where the access points are monitored performance and even better they proactively talk to each and pass devices across other access points that are overloaded all without you noticing.

Sounds complicated?

Well it might be to you but that’s the beauty of ITSB – we worry about the difficult tech stuff so you can just get on with running your business!

ITSB - we worry about the difficult tech stuff so you can just get on with running your business

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More Managed Wireless Key Benefits:


More secure

Single access point for both guest and business data with secure systems keeping the data completely separate

Better connections

Auto hand-off devices on overloaded access points reducing disconnections and slow network speed

No fuss sign up

Single sign on means no more complicate security keys to remember. You’ll get connected straight away with minimal fuss

Improved performance

Proactive monitoring so we can see if there are performance issues

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