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Offsite Office

How much are you loosing due to costly down time

Find out the hidden costs of IT failures and see how much you are loosing out on…

Our ITSB Offsite Office Suite has the facilities you need to relocate & run your business quickly & effectively while being affordable

The ability to keep your business running no matter what!

ITSB engineers are always happy to help

Our standard facilities include:


Desks & chairs




High speed internet connections


Wireless connectivity


Meeting room availability


Fantastic IT support


Bring your own or supplied hardware

Business as usual

Our Offsite Office suite gives you the perfect facility to ensure its business as usual should disaster strike.

Giving you the peace of mind cover not only in the case of a total loss event (like a fire) but, for events like extended loss of power or internet connectivity that can really hurt your business.

Need to get away

We wanted to create a resource that’s not only vital in the event of disaster, but offers real value day to day. That’s why you can book and use our Offsite Office outside of a disaster event, all as part of the package. If you want to get the team out for a day, or just get a bit of space for you or your execs to think  the facility is there for you to book and use.

Just what you need

A secure dedicated office with all the availability and facilities you need to pick up and get going.
Giving you a highly cost effective offsite solution.

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