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Can you afford a security breech?

Cyber security is fast becoming a big issue for organisation large and small. At best a breech can result in lost productivity and the cost of recover but at worst it can lead to massive fines, extortion and large clean up costs. And the threats aren’t just external as simple mistakes by staff can lead to breeches that could cripple you.

Keep your office data safe and secure

Security solutions for business, schools and more..

It’s not all doom and gloom tho. There are answers available to you no matter what size you are or your requirements. From help to getting the right level of protection to providing a fully managed security solution we have the expertise to ensure you have the right level of protection.


Powerful Sophos antivirus security for Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. Whether you just need licenses or a spec’d and installed solution we can help.

Managed Firewall

Every home, business or school probably has a firewall in place but is it being managed correctly, kept up to date and checked for breeches?

Managed security

Get on with running your organisation without having to worry about keeping your systems secure? We’ll look after your security and keep you safe.

Managed Mobile Device

With every member of staff having any number of mobile devices keeping a consistent level of protection can be a nightmare. We can do just that.

Tailored security solutions


We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and specify a solution that will give the right levels of protection.

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Is my business cyber secure?

Find out how to secure your business from cyber threats

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