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Server Upgrades

Server upgrades for business and schools

Old, slow, unreliable and out of date servers can be a real pain, not only do they impact the performance for nearly every user they can pose a potential security risk and when they do go wrong your whole organisation grinds to a halt.

windows Mac linux server upgrades and support

Should I upgrade my server?

While leaving a poor performing, potentially dangerous server in place is clearly not a sound decision, doing a straight like for like upgrade may not be the best decision. Getting the advice of an expert with the knowledge of all the options available to you ensures you get the solution that is the right fit (at the right price) for you.

Tried and trusted

We have performed lots of server upgrades, for all types of organisations. Delivered on time and on budget.

Physical or Virtual

We have the know how to deploying physical, virtual and hosted server environments effectively.

The right solution

Taking the time to understand the needs of the client we spec the right solution for you.

At the right price

Through great partners and suppliers we source and implement the solution at great rates

Let's talk through your requirements

We’ll asses your needs and put together a proposed solution that is right for you

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