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Run your business while we take care of keeping your data and systems safe. From help to getting the right level of protection to providing a fully managed IT security services solution we’ve got you covered.


Cyber security is fast becoming a big issue for organisations both large and small. At best a breech can result in lost productivity and the cost of recover but at worst it can lead to massive fines, extortion and large clean-up costs. But there are answers available to you no matter what size you are or your requirements. We can help you with everything security-related, from help to getting the right level of protection to providing a fully managed IT security services solution, we have the expertise to ensure you have the right level of protection.


We understand that training is just as important as providing solutions. We don’t throw you in at the deep end – we take the time to provide you with essential training in all the solutions we provide to ensure that you can use them to their fullest potential so that your organisation can get the most benefits possible. Our experienced IT Managers and Support Staff are happy to help you get to grips, all you need to do is get in touch.


Keeping your network secure should be a priority but not something you have to spend time checking. Our managed security services come as standard with our support contracts and including anti-virus licensing, so there’ll be no more annoying annual bills to pay.

Your security protection software talks back directly to our monitoring system, so we always know if it’s up to date, has recently found some nasties and what it did when it detected them.

Your system will be actively monitored 24/7 checking:

  • For any detected threats
  • How threats are dealt with
  • That you always have the latest version of software
  • Security system failures
  • With full reporting allowing you to forget about the security of your systems.

With one of our advanced firewalls from Sophos you’ll be able to upgrade to our Advanced Security suite which offers even greater protection for your organisation.

  • Managed Firewall – the firewall we put in place provides advanced monitoring, advanced protection and are more integrated than ever before. With us managing your systems you don’t have to worry about the detail as we keep yousafe round the clock.
  • Cyber Essentials – we can show you how to address the basics, preventing most common attacks. Get in touch for a straight forward appraisal of your Cyber Security with our free assessment.